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July 21, 2008

“Star Catalog” by Arseny Tarkovsky

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Star Catalog

Arseny Tarkovsky


Звёздный Каталог

А. Тарковский


Until just now
I didn’t get
Which needs, exactly, a star
Catalog met;
In the catalog there are:

10 million ‘phones of dust-hazed worlds
A firmament packed with flashing pearls
Alphánumeric strings ten million long
Each a heavenly subscriber’s coded song

I’ll outwait the earthly line
And I’ll turn the metal dial

And I don’t know, where to look for you

Then the phone’s earpiece’ll sing:
“Alpha orion’s picked up the ring
“I’m en route, now I’m a star
“I’ve forgotten who you are
“I’m dawn’s sister, can’t you see?
“Now you’ve nothing more to do with me
“You’ll not see me from your dream’s shore
“So call me back, but wait three hundred years,
or more.”

Translated by A.Kroytor

Arseny is the father of the famous film director Andrei Tarkovsky. I
do not know if this poem was ever translated into English; I suspect


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